Extreme Biobanking: How to Build and Operate a -80ºC Walk-In Freezer

By Sheri Gimigliano, MS, Project Director, Fisher BioServices and Debra A. Barnes, Ph.D., Director of Government and Laboratory Services, Fisher BioServices                                                                                                   

Research biospecimens are commonly stored at -80ºC, but this usually occurs inside mechanical reach-in freezers that result in minor, transient exposure of workers to the extreme cold. Why construct a walk-in 80ºC freezer? The design and construction of a walk-in freezer offers high density storage and savings in energy, maintenance, and replacement costs compared to -80ºC mechanical freezers. Companies can expect an return on operational savings of 2 to 3 years. Therefore, It is critical to maximize efficiency in conducting inventory activities inside an ultra-low storage unit.  This eBook discusses ultra-low storage systems, equipping staff for access, maximizing technician time, and creating and using software tools for inventory management.


High density storage -80C eBook