Cell Therapy Logistics: Beyond the Basics

By Dan O'Donnell
Area Director of Cell Therapy Logistics

Although they may be hidden in the background, there are many factors that can play a major role in the success or failure of a clinical trial and the long term efficacy of a cell-based therapy commercial product. This eBook goes beyond the basics and focuses on the unique logistical challenges of autologous cell-based therapies, that is, therapies that use a patient’s own cells for the manufacture of a treatment which is then administered only to that patient. The other type of cell-based therapy is referred to as “allogeneic” and is derived from an unrelated donor or donors, and administered to the relevant population of patients.

Download this eBook to learn more about:

  • The unique complexity of an autologous therapy
  • Importance of standardization in a logistics strategy
  • Packaging and shipping qualification
  • Storage and equipment validation
  • Process qualification
  • Chain of custody documentation



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