Biobanking for Animal Health: Morris Animal Foundation is Taking Veterinary Research to a New Level

By Michael Guy, DVM, MS, PhD
Director of Canine Lifetime Health Project, Morris Animal Foundation                                                                                                                        

Fisher BioServices and Morris Animal Foundation partnered in a collaborative effort to take veterinary research beyond the laboratory. The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study has enrolled 3,000 dogs before age 2 collecting environmental, biospecimens, and other data throughout the dog's life. The study will address the long term commitment from dog owners and veterinarians to improve canine health and advance veterinary medicine.  


 Download this eBook to gain more insight in these key topics:

  • Bringing biobanking and epidemiological tools to veterinary research

  • The effect of the study in canines and cancer

  • Process of collecting biospecimens and its applications

  • Partnership with the Golden Retriever Club of America to enhance recruitment 


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