Next Generation Cohort Studies and Biobanking: How Cloud Technology is Accelerating Translational Research

By James V. Lacey, Jr., Ph.D.                                                                                                              

Cutting edge technology and innovation in molecular epidemiology are usually associated with the lab. The California Teacher's Study (CTS), a prospective epidemiology cohort study is asking participants to donate a blood or saliva sample in a unique and different way. The study is using mobile devices and cloud-based technology to significantly cut the time and cost of managing huge amounts of data.The team developed a data management system (DMS) based on a SalesForce platform and worked with Cloud Sherpas, cloud advisory and services technology company, to build the platform. The result is a system that manages and integrates recruitment, scheduling, sample tracking, and other participant data.

This eBook will discuss further:

  1. The California Teacher's Study
  2. New Biospecimens for New Research
  3. Mobile Application for Sample and Data Collection
  4. Challenges with a Pilot Study
  5. Equipping the Phlebotomists
  6. Managing and Biobanking the Specimens
  7. The Future

City of Hope How Cloud Technology is Accelerating Translational Research eBook