Cold Chain Qualification: 5 Questions You Must Ask When Shipping Biologics

By Praveen Bezawada-Joseph
Regulatory & Quality Assurance Manager
Fisher BioServices 

"Cold Chain" refers to the undisrupted series of logistical activities of products that must be maintained within a given temperature range. Maintaining cold chain is critical to the integrity of biologically derived therapeutic products. Patient safety and regulatory compliance are the key drivers within cold chain logistical systems. Organizations recognize the growing need for control of the entire cold chain. The ever changing global scenario requires highly efficient processes as a backbone to accommodate the growing needs of organizations.


 Download this eBook to answer these key questions:

  • Can you achieve end-to-end cold chain visibility?
  • Has biological therapy been handled properly?

  • What is that pre-qualified shipper qualified for?

  • What about temperature monitoring?

  • How does your shipping system stack up over the entire transit process?


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