Standardize Your -80°C
Specimens Handling

Designed and developed by our biobank operation scientists. The gold standard for processing millions of biosamples every day.

CryoCradleTM Advantages

Standardizing sample & temperature management
  • Validated to enable sample processing at 12 oC colder VS. traditional
  • CryoCradle - Draws Heat more effective Heat Sink: Draws Heat at 1200 times more effective than fiberboard
  • CryoCradle - reduce dry ice consumption Tested to reduce dry ice consumption by up to 50%

Story of CryoCradle


After observing how much cryoboxes could warm during out-of-freezer handling, we developed the CryoCradle™ as a countermeasure. By using this with a smaller basin instead of large carts, we have standardized biospecimen processing, minimized temperature variability, and improved efficiency for both dry ice and space in our 20+ global biobanks and biorepositories.