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Defense in Depth: Off-Site Storage for Biological Specimens and Biopharmaceuticals for Risk Mitigation

By Bruce C. Simpson, Director of Commercial Operations
Fisher BioServices 

The management of risk is part of all business operations, but to biotech companies manufacturing cell-based therapies, risk mitigation is necessarily a critical element of day-to-day operations. The costly nature of irreplaceable samples/cell lines and high value products such as cell-based drugs, and biological active pharmaceutical ingredient (Bio-API) dictates planning for the full continuum of risk. The best solution is frequently offsite storage. Choosing an offsite storage facility means asking the right questions.


Download this eBook to learn more about:

  • 7 key tips you should know to mitigate risks for your critical biological materials
  • Important components of a risk mitigation threat assessments and emergency action plans
  • Additional resources for critical biological material risk mitigation infrastructure and biorepository building design


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