How do I maintain sample integrity during transport?

By Alex Esmon, Ph.D
Global Product Manager, Cold Storage
Thermo Fisher Scientific 

Part 3 wraps up the series with specifics on both transferring samples to a new storage unit, as well as transferring the contents of one vial (or container) to a new one, in the event a container is damaged or inappropriate (a common condition among decades-old samples). Esmon also reiterates the importance of correct handling of samples, to avoid or minimize temperature stress. (Temperature compliance is a common topic in these blog posts and if the issue is new to you, we invite you to investigate further in previous blogs on biorepository science, cold-chain logistics, and biobank laboratory services).  Esmon also briefly touches on the use of shippers to transfer samples between storage units in different locations, and as with temperature compliance, additional information on shippers is available in previous blog posts.


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