The European DO-HEALTH Clinical Trial Aims at Simple, Affordable Interventions to Improve Senior Health

By Francois Hamy, Ph.D., Director of Fisher BioServices, Basel, Switzerland                                                                                                                       

As the European population rapidly ages, the growing number of seniors with age-related chronic diseases presents a challenge to European societies and health care systems. DO-HEALTH is Europe's largest clinical trial in support of health at an older age and is a large, three-year multi-centre clinical trial that will generate needed efficacy and safety data for three interventions in the prevention of age-related diseases in seniors. The name is derived from the Vitamin D3-Omega3-Home Excercise - HeALTHy Ageing and Longetivity Trial. 

This eBook will discuss further:

  1. The DO-HEALTH Participants
  2. Endpoints of the Study
  3. A Biobank for Biomarkers
  4. The DO-HEALTH Team

DO HEALTH Clinical Trial Cover Shot