Fisher BioServices Hosts Exciting Panel Session and Commercialization Component of Logistics Hub at Phacilitate Cell and Gene Therapy World 2017 

Phacilitate 2017.jpgMIAMI, 13 January 2017 – The advancements in cell and gene therapy are increasing at a rapid pace and are transforming the way we think about medicine. Whether in research or in the clinic, scientific innovators are acutely aware that every moment counts when working with these valuable therapies. To facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration, Thermo Fisher Scientific is proud to support Phacilitate Cell & Gene Therapy World 2017 as the Platinum Sponsor.

We will showcase our comprehensive cell therapy offering from booth #141, highlighting products and services that support the entirety of the workflow, from discovery to cure.  We are also hosting and participating in several insightful sessions:

The Logistics Hub:  As the commercialization race heats up, many cell therapy developers are concerned with the manufacturing scale-up challenges they will face when their product becomes commercial. Effective management of the clinical supply chain is a complex challenge, but also critical to developing a successful commercial model. The Logistics Hub at Cell and Gene Therapy World 2017 will take attendees on an interactive journey through each stage of the cell and gene therapy supply chain. From the Fisher BioServices booth, we will share some of the important factors for consideration when developing your commercialization strategy and provide a picture of what your commercial process could look like.

Lunchtime Moderated Panel:  January 19, 1:30PM – Cell Therapy Value Chain: A conversation about the journey from research to therapeutic
The success of developing a cellular therapy rests on the ability to deliver a viable, potent product. This positive end-result is directly attributable to the strategy in place and the supporting processes. A reliable cell therapy development strategy is imperative to ensuring your biopharmaceutical products, therapeutic materials and patient biological samples remain viable from the point of collection to the final clinical site delivery. In this moderated panel, leading industry experts will discuss their thoughts regarding the current state of the industry, and comment on the cell therapy value chain.

Moderator:  Vin Singh, Global Director Cell Therapy Services, Fisher BioServices

Dr. Qasim Rafiq
Associate Professor, Cell & Gene Bioprocessing      
Department of Biochemical Engineering
University College London

Dr. Alexey Bersenev
Associate Research Scientist
Department of Laboratory Medicine      
Yale University

Simon H. Ellison
Associate Director, Advanced Therapies
Fisher BioServices UK


Panel Session:  January 19, 1:10PM – Vector manufacturing: Meeting escalating demand for in vivo and ex vivo gene therapy applications
A discussion comparing and contrasting lentiviral, retroviral and other emerging cell transfection approaches for ex vivo gene therapy.  What are the relative pros and cons in safety, effectiveness, technical, cost and IP terms?

Panelist: Dr. Xavier de Mollerat du Jeu, Director R&D, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers integrated, scalable, and custom solutions to accelerate cell therapy development to the clinic and beyond. We're excited to share our full offering with you!  If you're interested in learning more about our cell therapy services and how we can support you on your path to commercialization, contact us using the link below.

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