Fisher BioServices Leads Informational xTalks Webinar, Cell Therapy: Achieving Success on the Road to Commercialization

Cryopreservation-Cell_Therapy.jpgDuring an informative session on Wednesday, April 5, 2017, industry experts from Fisher BioServices, Kristen Franklin, Client Services Manager and Amy Hendricks, Project Manager will review some of the key components to consider when developing a strategy to minimize risk, manage cost, and ultimately deliver a product to market.

The success of developing a cellular therapy rests on the ability to deliver a viable, potent product. This positive end-result is directly attributable to the strategy in place and the supporting processes. A reliable cell therapy development strategy is imperative to ensuring your therapeutic materials remain viable from the point of collection, through manufacture, to the final clinical site delivery.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Minimizing variability using collection and administration kits and SOPs
  • Understanding the importance of validating process and qualifying equipment as well as data collection early and throughout Study/Phase 1 to commercial
  • Leveraging data to maintain cell integrity, improve process, reduce risk, analyze and strengthen weak points
  • Maintaining chain of custody and real time communications
  • Understanding the importance of tracking and monitoring to ensure the right patient receives the right material at the right time
  • Considering scalability from Day 1

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