Transitioning to a New Biobank Model at a Time of Change: An AstraZeneca and Fisher BioServices Perspective

The AstraZeneca (AZ) UK Biobank offers long-term storage of, and rapid access to, ~1 million human biological samples (HBS) from AZ Oncology clinical trials, collaborators and commercial sources. In 2014, AZ made the decision to create a mixed outsourcing model for its AZ UK Biobank, with offsite storage at Fisher BioServices (FBS) holding the majority of the clinical trial samples and AZ Alderley Park (AP) staff managing customer interactions and the strategic direction of the service.

This InfoPoster describes how AZ was able to meet the increased demand for rapid access to high quality samples by partnering with Fisher BioServices. To learn more about the challenges and benefits of implementing a mixed outsourcing biobank model, download the poster below!

AZ InfoPoster_NewBiobankModel_cover.jpg

Download InfoPoster Here