Smart Biobanking: From Samples to Predictive Algorithms for Detecting Cancer

The recently released World Cancer Report 2014, a global analysis by the World Health Organization, noted both the increase in cancer cases worldwide, as well as the burden represented by the spiraling cost of treating late stage disease. The report, as stated in the preface, makes it clear that we cannot “treat our way out of cancer.”

The most effective approach to addressing cancer is prevention, and if treatment is necessary, it is best at an early stage, which is associated with much higher survival rates as well as lesser side effects. Ovarian cancer is a case in point: Five-year survival among women diagnosed with stage 4 disease is 5.6 percent, while those diagnosed and treated at stage 1 is as high as 92 percent. However, early treatment depends on early diagnosis, and in spite of major investments of both resources and effort, there are still few biomarkers available for the diagnosis of cancer at a very early stage, when the disease is far more treatable.


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