Innovation in Biobanking: Pushing the Boundaries

Though biobanking has been a unique niche for many years, a 2009 article by Time Magazine helped solidify its importance as one of the 10 Ideas Changing the World. For librarians of specimens, also known as biorepository technicians, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and work instructions provide necessary order and structure, but oftentimes make daily activities a bit routine. In some instances this can diminish the spark that’s necessary to push boundaries and insert innovation. 

As the Assistant Project Director of a busy central biorepository where 1.4 million transactions occur annually, I believe that innovation is of critical importance to the wide variety of tasks involved in a biobanking environment, ranging from shipping and receiving, to laboratory processing and data analysis. In this blog I’d like to discuss how to create a culture of innovation and some boundary-pushing ideas that have improved our daily processes.

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