Controlled-Rate Freezing of Cells During Ultra Cold Transit.

By François Hamy, Ph.D
Head of Project Management & Laboratories
Fisher BioServices 

Patient cells that are isolated for development into a therapeutic product must be processed quickly or they lose their integrity and therapeutic value. Cells that cannot be processed immediately must be cryopreserved at -195°C in liquid nitrogen. However,to ensure viability and integrity upon thawing, freezing down to -195°C must be performed at a specific cooling rate, which requires equipment that exceeds the financial resources of most clinical sites.

Download this White Paper to learn more about:

  • A comparative study that shows how staff at any clinical site to transport fresh PBMCs in -195°C in just 3 hours (including freezing)

  • How the study was designed and cellular viability/proliferation results comparing with current methods

  • A summary table that highlights and compares characteristics of the three different methods used in this study


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