[Video] Semi-Automated Biobanking: Delivering quality samples in less time

The holy grail in the biobanking industry is all about maximizing the value of biospecimens to deliver new therapies. Thus, there's now more pressure on biobanks to deliver samples that are in better condition, with better annotation, and with a more rapid turnaround time. In order to support our clients in achieving their aims in maximizing the value of their sample collections, we have installed a LiCONiC Semi-Automated Biobank (SAB) to manage the increased demands on sample utilization. To learn more and see the LiCONiC system in action, check out our video below!

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[Video] Biorepository Services Help Discover Correlation Between DDT and Breast Cancer

DDT, once hailed as the miracle pesticide, was sprayed on crops, trees, and even inside houses throughout the United States in the 1950s and 60s. Though banned in 1972 and not used in the US for more than four decades, DDT has long been a suspect in the risk of breast cancer. New research shows that exposure, even from a long time ago, could be a contributing factor in the development of breast cancer; a connection scientists have been unable to make convincingly until now.

Courtesy of NBC Nightly News

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[Video] The Journey of a Sample... in the Biobank Laboratory

So much depends on the subtle variations in biospecimens: these variations, when analyzed via genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and similar studies, are the foundation of both disease-based and drug-based biomarker discovery. And if the unique "-omics" of a sample is to yield results that lead to improvements in medical research and healthcare, such as understanding disease cause/progression (predictive/prognostic biomarker) to PK/PD in clinical trials (surrogate endpoints), then the entire integrity of the specimen must be protected, or biomarker research/study can go astray. 

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