Laboratory Processing, Automation, Analysis for Biobank Samples and Clinical Biospecimens

Abdul Ally, M.Sc, Maryland, USA
Francois Hamy, Ph.D, Basel, Switzerland

During this webinar, Mr. Ally and Dr. Hamy will be sharing their best practices and case studies in laboratory sample processing and management for biobanking and clinical trial / longitudinal cohort studies. The laboratory stage of a sample is an instrumental process of sample management to ensure sample usability and data fidelity in the future. Maintaining sample integrity is pivotal to translational medicine research such as biomarker, genomic, and proteomic studies. With combined laboratory and research experience of more than 40+ years from upstream to downstream sample analyses, Mr. Ally and Dr. Hamy will also be discussing key laboratory workflows that are essential to managing the integrity to your sample and its associated data.


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Abdul Ally, MS.c
Director of Commercial Laboratory

Francois Hamy, Ph.D
Head of Laboratory & Project Management 


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